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Even before the opening of the Museum, the Municipality of Camerata Cornello with other private bodies and institutions were interested in the valorisation of the village and the history of the Tasso "postmasters" through the organization of various initiatives which awakened attention towards the the activities and characters of this multifaceted family.

After its opening, the Museum established collaborative relationships with the Central Archive of the Princes Thurn and Taxis of Regensburg, which led to important cultural exchanges and allowed the Museum's scholars access to the vast documentation preserved in the Archive.
Since 1993, thanks to the issue of the Italian Post Office of a series of five stamps on "The Tassos and Postal History", the Museum has been twinned with the Postal Museum of the Ministry. From this association, the Museum has had some finds of considerable value in storage, such as some examples of telegraphs and telephones, today visible in Space 3.

Since 2000, the museum's activity has been aimed at promoting a series of research into Tasso documents preserved in Italian and foreign archives. This activity led to the publication, supported by the European Union, of the "Documents and research" series for historical in-depth analysis of the Tasso family and their activity.